Boredom Can Kill You


I’ve always had this theory in mind that people who talk behind people’s backs destructively are unhappy, miserable, jealous, insecure people. They wanted to do things which they can’t and it frustrates them, hence, they resort to backbiting. Also, they are cowards as they aren’t brave enough to face their insecurities and confront their real enemies – who are themselves.

Or could it be just plain boredom? Being not busy; having lots of idle time on hand can make a person nosy. I’d rather mind my own business or find something productive when killing time. It’s better than sinning. God bless all miserable people. Glad am not one of them. 🙂


For Cherina Pt3


I have an idea, maybe one or two.
Better grab my pen and diary in blue.
Breathe, focus, don’t pout;
So i can start weaving words i wanna talk about.

Put ur feet on the reader’s shoes;
Will u be happy? Or just be confused?
Aim for simplicity and creativity;
Notwithstanding objectivity and clarity.

The tone must be set from the very start.
Be neutral and argue all important facts.
End with a good drama; conclusions set out.
I reckon that’s the way of writing smart.

A Year in Australia

A Year in Australia

24.09.2014 Thank U Adelaide for 1yr of happiness and challenges. Thanks to FedUni and Australian professors for being my pillar of knowledge, to all new friends I’ve made from different nationalities who are my sanity, for the employers who introduced us to the Aussie work ethos, and to families for being source of inspiration. Seen the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge William and Kate, Lord Mayor of City of Adelaide Stephen Yarnwood, Premier of South Australia Jay Weatherill, and the legendary football player Kane Cornes. T’was indeed a worthwhile unforgettable year. And happy anniv also to my husband! Thru thick & thin, we will fight together! Thank u Lord for all good and bad things.

For Cherina pt2


School is cool as can be
once you learn the abc.
Keep your eye on the goal,
study well that is your role.

Homework, books, paper and pen
Are best friends in life until the end.
Because school doesn’t stop after you graduate;
Life itself is a continuous learning process.

Be friendly and wise,
Everything that’s nice
Be cautious and give attention
So u can avoid detention

happy thoughts will always be
Source of creativity at work, u’ll see
with this i end my little poem
School is fun just enjoy every moment

For Cherina


School is crazy
But if we’re going to take it seriously
Our life will be easy
And not dizzy

Remember the learnings
Don’t forget the fun
Each day is a new beginning
The sad ones remind us we’re human.

Friends and teachers alike
Play a great part in our lives
Without them, school is gloomy
Surely, education won’t be easy

So now focus on ur education
A pathway to success, a bridge for a better nation
If we all become civilized and educated citizens,
Surely, Philippines will be a better place to live in

What Makes a Real Friend?


I can imagine people staying in marriage despite difficulties will prolly say they do because they have to. Responsibilities. Commitment. Children. It’s different with friendships though. We are not obliged, we are not committed. We can leave anytime we feel like leaving.

Some say blood is thicker than water. Yet there are also friends who stick like brothers and who are willing to lay down life for you. Generally, a funny and convivial person will pass the average friend test. However, for me to consider a friend a “real friend” I must be able to feel the following :

1. Sense of Contentment – Even if it’s just the two of us talking for a whole day, my day generally feels complete.

2. Sense of Privacy & Respect – He or she should not cross the borderline. Friends should not be overfamiliar with each other. Just because you seem to know almost everything about me doesn’t give you the right to jump and make decisions on my behalf.

3. Always Objective – If I confide to a friend, I like it when he or she doesn’t always just take my side but thinks out of the box and looks at all aspects. I prefer it if I am being opposed to and a different point of view is being presented to me. It un-clouds my mind and helps me see things clearly.

4. Very Simple and Easy to Deal With – Walang arte, walang kiyeme, walang madaming eksplanasyon. I may not see them for a long time and when I do I am not obliged to explain why. They understand that I am leading my own life and have a family to take care of. They are not very clingy, very needy of my attention. And when we meet again, it just feels so easy to fill in each other where we left off. Seems like only yesterday and we’re once again updated. 🙂

5. Respects Your Time -When you lend your time to a friend and give advice, you give a piece of yourself. Simply because the time you gave cannot be returned nor reversed. It simply passed by but it just feel so worthwhile because you know that you just spent your quality time with a quality person. So I really appreciate it when friends come to me for help because they really needed one. Some just come to me for the sake of making papansin (to be noticed and be praised) and at the end of the day my opinion really doesn’t matter to them. So I feel like my time has just been wasted really, especially me who believes that time is very valuable and should be spent wisely.

6. Very Loyal – No matter what I do and especially when I’m blinded, they always have my back.

7. Trustworthy – True friends don’t share my secrets with others because they know that they hold a valuable piece of me that I have entrusted to them. And they know that trust, once broken, is not easy to regain. They also know that trust is not given but earned and the fact that they have earned it from me means that they have gained my confidence. So, prove you’re worthy of that “trust and faith” in all ways possible.

8. Doesn’t blame, doesn’t remind you of your past mistakes – Who wants to hear a song played 200 times a day? Even if a friend secretly blames me for my mistakes, it helps when they don’t speak it out loud because he or she knows naman that I know it already na ei. But when they do speak of it, it helps to always have something positive to speak as well. Discuss the solutions, not just the problems. And how can I move forward with my life if my past mistakes will be mentioned over and over again? Do I really have to be reminded of that every single minute of my life?

9. Doesn’t make sumbat – “I have introduced you to all my friends! I have given you these and that! ” And so? Did I ask you to do all of that? This is not sincerity in the very first place because if they were genuine, they would have forgotten all the help extended the minute they’re done with it. Simply because that’s stated in the Bible. Some people help just so they can brag about it. To tell everyone that this people owe them some money or something and they would have been nothing if not for their help.

10. Loves you as a “family” – I strongly feel that a real friend treats me just how they would treat a family member whom they love and cherish a lot.

11. Growth – They share their knowledge with me, I do the same, and we grow together. 🙂


10 Things that Made Me Happy Today :)


Today was a very stressful day – preparing revisions for final exams and all the reading that is yet to be done. Each day is unique from the ones that have gone by so I just have to try to always be happy each day to make my everyday worthwhile. Today, these things made me happy :

1. Talking to God first thing after waking up. Reading few verses from the Bible each day gives me enormous strength to carry on with the day’s tasks as I know that I am not doing these tasks alone but the two of us (God & I).

2. Skyping with my two angels always strikes inspiration.

3. Food. Eating boosts me especially if it is my favorite food. I’ve had one of my favorites (wintermelon tea) today so I am extra happy.

4. Music. Oh, I cannot live without it. I have my daily playlist. I hum to myself during travel from home to school, it makes me happy to be able to express my feelings through the lyrics of the songs.

5. Diary. My day isn’t complete without writing in my organizer/diary. If I forgot to bring it, I feel a li’l incomplete and sad.

6. Reading. My favorite past time. A good novel makes my day extra flourishing. Now, it’s Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Heard it’s going to be a movie soon.

7. Clothes. I love to dress up invariably. So, even if I can’t afford to buy them all I still take a photo of the beautiful clothes whenever I pass by them. Somehow, at least the photo cheers me up.

8. Pictures. Oh how I enjoy taking photos of almost anything that catches my attention – my friends, my food, the chaos in the city, a beautiful dress/boots on a mannequin, just about anything.

9. Cooking. I didn’t realise it before but nowadays I make my study breaks my cooking time. It makes me happy being still productive during my breaktime and relieves some of my stress.

10. My favorite part of the day was retiring at night. I have this special routine – massage my and Jojo’s face and feet; massage my husband’s back; and throwing sarcastic jokes on each other. Before I knew it, he’s already snoring holding my hands or hugging me whilst I am still busy reading my novel.