10 Things that Made Me Happy Today :)


Today was a very stressful day – preparing revisions for final exams and all the reading that is yet to be done. Each day is unique from the ones that have gone by so I just have to try to always be happy each day to make my everyday worthwhile. Today, these things made me happy :

1. Talking to God first thing after waking up. Reading few verses from the Bible each day gives me enormous strength to carry on with the day’s tasks as I know that I am not doing these tasks alone but the two of us (God & I).

2. Skyping with my two angels always strikes inspiration.

3. Food. Eating boosts me especially if it is my favorite food. I’ve had one of my favorites (wintermelon tea) today so I am extra happy.

4. Music. Oh, I cannot live without it. I have my daily playlist. I hum to myself during travel from home to school, it makes me happy to be able to express my feelings through the lyrics of the songs.

5. Diary. My day isn’t complete without writing in my organizer/diary. If I forgot to bring it, I feel a li’l incomplete and sad.

6. Reading. My favorite past time. A good novel makes my day extra flourishing. Now, it’s Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Heard it’s going to be a movie soon.

7. Clothes. I love to dress up invariably. So, even if I can’t afford to buy them all I still take a photo of the beautiful clothes whenever I pass by them. Somehow, at least the photo cheers me up.

8. Pictures. Oh how I enjoy taking photos of almost anything that catches my attention – my friends, my food, the chaos in the city, a beautiful dress/boots on a mannequin, just about anything.

9. Cooking. I didn’t realise it before but nowadays I make my study breaks my cooking time. It makes me happy being still productive during my breaktime and relieves some of my stress.

10. My favorite part of the day was retiring at night. I have this special routine – massage my and Jojo’s face and feet; massage my husband’s back; and throwing sarcastic jokes on each other. Before I knew it, he’s already snoring holding my hands or hugging me whilst I am still busy reading my novel.




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