Dashingly cute, kindheartedly childlike, reserved yet straightforward, everything nice wrapped in curiosity. One fiercely independent woman 🙂

Rowena Lopez Reyes-Aquino, fondly called by her friends as Chai, is the eldest among the six children of Mr Remigio Lebria Reyes and Ms Eulalia Insorio Lopez.  She is a bright student being in the honor roll unfailingly and graduated as a consistent city scholar during college conferring a degree in BS-Accountancy.  She also passed the Civil Service exam and the Certified Accounting Technician international licensure for accounting practice in Australia. Yet, for her, this is far from considering being successful already.  Conceiving a child on her senior year did not stop her from graduating on time.  And though she did not end up with the father of her first-born, she found love at the most unexpected time and place.  She married at the age of twenty-four to Jonah “Jojo” Aquino where she was bestowed a son named Stanley. Jojo also embraced Cherina as his own daughter.  With that, Chai could not ask for more material things as she considers success synonymous to having a harmonious life with those around her; a loving family; and peace and joy in everyone’s hearts.


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